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The mission of the Marshall County Jail is to provide for the safe and secure confinement of those persons committed to the custody of the jail and to ensure that all inmates are treated in accordance with the established laws of the United States of America and the State of Alabama.

The Marshall County Jail is located at 423 Blount Ave. in Guntersville The facility houses pre-sentenced and sentenced individuals

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Corrections Supervisors

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Josh Kirkland
Commissary Manager Josh Kirkland



Visitation: All visits are conducted remotely and are subject to monitoring and recording. Visitation appointments can be scheduled online or on visitation kiosk in the front lobby. You CANNOT schedule visits by calling the Sheriff Office phone. The Marshall County Sheriff Office reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or cancel visitation for the safety and security of the facility and visitors at any time without notice. Visitors who act inappropriately may be suspended from visitations.

The remote visitation cost $0.20 per minute-the visitor funds the remote visitation.


Friends & Family Support ...............................................(702)829-3001

Video Visit Support & Scheduling...................................(859)334-0959

Inmate Money: Inmate commissary money can be deposited on, by phone 866-516-0115, or on the kiosk in the Sheriff's Dept. lobby. Inmate telephone money can be deposited on Inmate Sales, by phone 877-998-5678, or the kiosk in the visitation lobby on Tuesday & Thursday

Inmate Mail: 423 Blount Ave. Guntersville, Al 35976. Anything mailed in must be on 3x5 pre-metered postcards only (no photos or letters). All mail will be searched; legal mail will be searched in the presence of the inmate.

Bond Policy Property Bonds: Property bond signers are approved by the sheriff. If you are currently a signer of a property bond and out on bond you will not be able to sign until the case is disposed of. All property bonds require 10% of the assessed value of the property or you can use a bonding agent. The defendant may not use his own property on a property bond. If 10% of the property value doesn't equal the bond amount you will require additional property signers. All property owner/signees must be present with ID at the time of the bond being signed. Any property outside of Marshall County must be approved by the sheriff of the county where the property is located.

Cash Bonds: An arrested person, or someone acting on their behalf may post the entire amount in cash at the Circuit clerk's office Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm (excluding Holidays or weekends) and the receipt must be produced at the sheriff's dept.

Bond Transmittal Fee: There is a bond transmittal fee that must be paid to the Marshall County Sheriff's Dept. (pursuant to Act 2012-535). The $35.00 fee is to be paid in cash (exact amount - no checks).

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