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Stabbing of a Corrections Officer


On 5/1/21 at approximately 11:00 am, Correction's Officer Melissa Woodall was removing inmate Emily Sledge from a holding cell. The holding cell being used is not designed as such and does not have a restroom capability, but we are having to use it do to overcrowding and covid. The inmate must be escorted thru the work cubicle to the main part of women's block to use the restroom. Immediately, Sledge began hitting Officer Woodall and both fell to the ground. The inmate reached and opened a drawer in the cubicle and pulled out a pair a scissors before Officer Woodall could get to her. Sledge began stabbing Officer Woodall several times. Officer Woodall was able to pop the door to the main women's cell block. Several inmates came out and pulled Sledge off of Officer Woodall and detained her until other correction officers arrived. Officer Woodall was stabbed four times in the head area and once on her forearm. If not for the actions of the inmates, it is very likely Officer Woodall would have been killed. One of the wounds was a puncture behind the ear which just miss the main artery.
I want to commend the actions of the inmates who came to Officer Woodall's aid. They selflessly rendered aid to Officer Woodall and stopped the attack. They are:
Inmate Valerie Moore
Inmate Katie Moore
Inmate Janice Brooks
Inmate Stephanie Grimstad
Inmate Mary Williamson
Inmate Emily Sledge has been charged with Attempted Murder of a Correction Officer.
Also, this is National Corrections Officer Week. Correction Officers are often forgotten in the criminal justice system. They dedicate themselves selflessly to the care and custody of inmates in jails throughout the nation. The job is often low pay and long hours. The job itself is done by individuals with a calling to serve and protect within a correction facility and who often deal with violent people.
I commend Officer Woodall and all the correction officers employed with the Marshall County Sheriff's Office for the job they do.
Sheriff Phil Sims
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